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Control Color with Predictable Results...

This DVD reveals the secrets, tips and tricks to mixing and matching colors that anyone can learn. You’ll learn to match any color in woodworking with a basic set of eight dyes. Although dyes are featured on this video, these mixing techniques can be applied to all forms of stains, paints and pigments. Add visual interest to hardwoods like cherry, maple and ash. Imitate the color of exotic woods like purple heart, yellow heart, padauk and more… Fix and match damaged wood furniture, cabinets, flooring and molding like a pro. Even artists, oil painters, water colorists, house painters and auto color technicians can benefit from these simple to understand concepts of color matching covered in this DVD.

Sample chart of 8 Transtint dye colors


The introduction to Mixing and Matching Color for Woodworkers DVD begins at looking at the colors woodworkers are likely to run into and colors you may want to consider matching. It also covers the benefits to learning this valuable skill.  A color bar is included on the menu of this DVD to help you adjust your TV’s color output so you can follow along with the mixing demonstrations.

Chapter 2

The Basics of Color Theory

The basics of color delves into the colors that can be mixed easily with the dyes featured on the DVD. Certain colors like fluorescents require additional pigments like a fluorescent orange in order to accurately match it. An introduction to Transtint Dyes is covered along with  the benefits of using them on hardwoods like hard maple.


Basics of Mixing and Matching colors for woodworkers
Transtint Colors and Color Chart from Mixing and Matching Color DVD
Hue, Value and Saturation chart from Mixing and Matching Color DVD

Chapter 3

Terminology of Color

The three characteristics of color are broken down and simplified for the layperson.  This structured foundation will lead to a better understanding of the terms used for accurately matching color. Tools are designed to make any task easier and so several tools are covered in length, along with  how to make your own and  how to use them effectively. A quick refresher course (from grade school art class) on primary and secondary colors is reviewed to aid in the mixing of color. 

Magic of Complements

Complementary colors are the backbone to mixing and matching any color. A thorough explanation of what they are and how to find and apply them is covered in this sub chapter and reinforced in all the other mixing and matching chapters.

Complemetary chart for mixing and matching colors
Red Cedar Match on Curly maple on the Mixing and Matching Color DVD

Chapter 4

Matching Red Cedar

This  is the first chapter of many that features actual color mixing and matching techniques. Red Cedar is matched and applied to a block of curly maple. The match takes place over 20 quick adjustments to slow down the mixing process a bit and show how methodical additions to or subtractions from the mix can make a difference in the successful journey of a color match. Using the color chart, it’s easy to select the correct color right from the start when several colors are available to choose from.

Red Cedar Match color selection on the Mixing and Matching Color DVD
Matching black walnut with transtint dyes as featured in Mixing and Matching color for woodworkers

Chapter 5

Mixing Black Walnut

Blue and orange to match black walnut? That’s right! Find out why in this chapter and watch as the color is mixed and matched in six simple adjustments. Learn about casts, tints and hues to help you understand the subtleties of matching difficult colors like black walnut. Learn about warm and cool colors and how to control these respective tints.

Matching a stain for a missing knob

Chapter 6

Matching a Stain

While this chapter shows you how to color match another brown color, it features more subtle instruction on how to control the mix of a color. Colors can shift when too much of one color is introduced to, say, make a “cool” color “warmer”. Learn how to control these color shifts for an accurate color match.

Matching a Knob
Clamping the Veneer of Bookcase on the Mixing and Matching Color DVD
Veneer Repair of Bookcase before after on the Mixing and Matching Color DVD

Chapter 7

Veneer Repair

Repairing furniture as a woodworker is a challenge though it can be accomplished with the right tools, some skill and lots of patience. But making the repair to include the color match to seamlessly mirror the whole piece is another story. Commercially mixed stains can come close….sometimes….more often than not, the color-matched repair stands out and looks out of place. Learn how to match a stain dead on and then watch the repair of a piece of missing veneer from a sad looking bookcase transform into a showroom quality piece of furniture. Many tips, like making clamping cauls, and custom cut veneers are shared in this chapter.

Making a strip of veneer for repair of a bookcase on Mixing and Matching colors for woodworkers
Making a Caul for veneer repair on Mixing and Matching colors for woodworkers
Easy removal of old veneer on Mixing and Matching colors for woodworkers

Chapter 8

Matching Exotics

Learn how to alter a dyed project by changing one aspect of a mismatched color through glazing. Although you may never need to match these colors, watching these additional chapters to increase your knowledge of color mixing is extremely important. Not only is glazing covered, but also tips on how to subltley change colors that may look almost perfect but may need some tweaking like warming up the color. What if the color that needs warming up is yellow? Simple tips and explanations will help you see and solve problems such as these. Matching exotics such as pink ivory, blood wood, yellow heart and purple heart will further explain the process of mixing and matching color accurately.

Before and after the glazing effect of a complementary color
Red Cedar Match color selection on the Mixing and Matching Color DVD
How to mix purple heart using dyes in 4 steps
How to mix and match pink ivory using dyes

This DVD Set wouldn't be complete without

Of course Ted’s Goody box will not disappoint in the extras that are included on the DVD. The chapter, Working with Blacks and Grays, features more ideas on color and explains problem areas when incorporating black in mixing and matching color. In most cases, black is not the best color to use to de-saturate or darken a color.  Even when it is used, it can lead to frustrating issues that only a thorough knowledge of complementary color can correct. Find out the how and the why of using black and the importance of studying shades of gray for making better color judgement. This will help with all your color mixing and matching.
The Optional Color Charts chapter will include the making of some more helpful charts and will aid in your exploration of color mixing. This will give you more options when deciding on which base colors to use for accurate color mixing.
Mixing Stains is a great little chapter to have in your woodworking DVD library because it will truly save you money, shop space and time. You’ll learn how to mix and re-use all those cans of stain in storage and use them on current projects or to match stains that are no longer available. You can mix these old stains using the same color mixing principles of dyes that have been covered in previous chapters. Also, you can purchase old stock at a discount during store close-outs and mix your own custom stains. Knowledge is power and knowing how to mix and match color will aid you in the most critical phase of woodworking…replication!

Working with blacks and grays with transtint dyes on the Mixing and Matching color DVD
Matching yellowheart with transtint dyes on the Mixing and Matching color DVD
Mixing and matching bloodwood on the Mixing and matching color DVD
How to mix purple heart using dyes in 4 steps
Making a clamping caul for veneer repair on the Mixing and Matching Color DVD
How to Custom mix old stains in stock chart
Studying black and grays for accurate color matches
Mixing black and grays for accurate color matches on the Mixing and matching color DVD
Tips on veneer repair and applying the correct amount of glue.
Mixing weathered wood for concealing raw wood on edges
Collection of old Stains in the Workshop and how to reuse them
Working with blacks and grays with transtint dyes on the Mixing and Matching color DVD

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Optional color complementary chart for mixing accurate colors

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