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Add sparkle and creativity to your woodturning and woodworking projects with metal inlay. Metal Inlay Techniques for Woodturning and Woodworking DVD covers all you need to know from getting started with your first inlay project to advanced carving and inlaying techniques. See how to use blemished woods with natural voids and cracks to your advantage. Learn how inlaying with laser engraving can make your work personalized and unique. This informative DVD will help you achieve successful inlays right from the start with techniques I have developed over the course of several years. Learn more about the chapters here

  • Running Time: 1 hour 9 minutes (69 mins.)
  • Format: NTSC, DVD
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Metal Inlay Techniques for Woodturning and Woodworking covers all aspects and details of successfully inlaying metals like copper, brass, pewter, etc. into your woodworking or lathe-turned artwork during your very first attempt. Techniques that have taken years to streamline are now condensed into a highly concentrated “seminar” on DVD.

The idea of metal inlay was born from the fact that wood does crack and often times has natural voids and crevices that don’t always look good in finished pieces. Rather than trying to hide the imperfection, it is now possible to enhance the defect and bring attention to the void or blemish in a positive light.

Metal Inlay Techniques for Woodturning and Woodworking reveals all the secrets for a technique that has added a signature style to my work, and I now add metal inlay to wood whether it is, in fact, blemished or not.

Metal inlay will add value and beauty to your woodworking and / or woodturning and will save your valuable timber from the landfill or burn barrel. Learn more about the chapters here

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5 reviews for Metal Inlay Techniques for Woodturning & Woodworking DVD

  1. Dennis T

    Great DVD one of the best I’ve viewed.
    Excellent photography and very informative

  2. Sue Cottle (verified owner)

    Brilliant DVD on Metal Inlay Techniques. Succinct, but with enough information to ‘give it a go’. Great production values. Ted gives great step by step instructions on how to, and how not to do the techniques, and what can go wrong and why. Got me very inspired. I also love the personal attention he gave to my order, getting it all the way to New Zealand.

  3. George S.

    Great DVD. Well worth the buy.

  4. Keith

    A very well-thought-out and well-produced video. There are excellent descriptions of methods and the reasons for each approach. Ted provides a synopsis of variables that may impact metal inlay methods (adhesive, powder, etc.). He addresses potential flaws to be aware of throughout the process and ways to correct them before they end up in the final product. Verbal descriptions, excellent video images, and occasional text boxes that emphasize key points help reinforce the intended message and provide multiple learning styles for the viewer. A very worthwhile video.

  5. Stacey

    Hi, very nice website, cheers!

    • ted sokolowski

      Thanks. Really appreciate the feedback.

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Metal Inlay Techniques for Woodturning and Woodworking DVD - Learn how to inlay metal into voids, cracks, crevices, fissures and other anomalies in wood successfully the first time.
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