DVD's by Ted Sokolowski

Mixing & Matching Color DVD by Ted Sokolowski Front cover and disc
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Mixing & Matching Color DVD

This DVD reveals the secrets, tips and tricks to mixing and matching colors that anyone can learn. You’ll learn to match any color in woodworking with a basic set of eight dyes. Although dyes are featured on this video, these mixing techniques can be applied to all forms of stains, paints and pigments. Add visual interest to hardwoods like cherry, maple and ash. Imitate the color of exotic woods like purple heart, yellow heart, padauk and more… Fix and match damaged wood furniture, cabinets, flooring and molding like a pro. Even artists, oil painters, water colorists, house painters and auto color technicians can benefit from these simple to understand concepts of color matching covered in this DVD.

Metal Inlay Techniques for Woodturning and Woodworking DVD - Learn how to inlay metal into voids, cracks, crevices, fissures and other anomalies in wood successfully the first time.
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Metal Inlay Techniques for Woodworkers & Woodturners

Add sparkle and creativity to your woodturning and woodworking projects
with metal inlay. This DVD covers all you need to know from getting started with your first inlay project to advanced carving and inlaying techniques. See how to use blemished woods with natural voids and cracks to your advantage. Learn how inlaying with laser engraving can make your work personalized and unique. This informative DVD will help you achieve successful inlays right from the start with techniques Ted has developed over the course of several years. Learn more here….

Brilliant Finishes for Woodturners DVD Cover and disc
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Brilliant Finishes for Woodturners

Nothing says beginner, novice or professional like your finish. With this DVD, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge to finish your turnings with a sensuous, supple, smooth finish that begs to be touched. What better way to learn a finishing technique than to look over one’s shoulder and, in a way, learn one-on-one. It would be impossible to get up-close and learn these techniques in a classroom situation like a demo or symposium.
Whether you employ some or all of the suggestions found on this DVD, you will enhance the overall look and feel of your work by following these techniques. Your finishes will look less labored-over, feel more sensous and appear soft and fluid. Learn more here…

Making Candlesticks DVD cover with discs
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Making Candlesticks Seeing the Curves

Make matching sets of unique candlesticks using your own designs. This DVD features Ted’s step-by-step teaching approach. Starting with good fundamental design, it is clearly illustrated and concisely edited with extreme close-up shots of tool control in both woodturning and metalspinning. Learn to “see” the curves and to precisely turn them with detailed techniques. Discover unique solutions to common woodturning problems with the handy tips that Ted shares in every chapter. Learn the basics of metalspinning, and make your own metalspinning tools to spin the cup and base. Open up a whole new world of creativity by adding metal accents to your woodturned projects. Learn more here….

Making a Peppermill Focus on Design DVD by Ted Sokolowski
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Making a Peppermill Focus on Design

This DVD is a complete course on making a peppermill and matching salt shaker with a strong emphasis on design elements for the woodturner. From designing to template making to applying visually interesting characteristics within specific areas of the mill, you’ll learn new techniques to enhance your own style of woodturning. Learn more here….