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Ted has been woodturning since 1998 and specializes in making unique peppermills and saltmills. He has sold thousands of pepper and salt mills at high-end craft shows throughout his woodturning career. You’ll find his one-of-a-kind turnings on the Peppermills & More page on this site.

Ted Sokolowski Studios is also a site geared for the woodturner who is looking for more advanced instruction on the details in the art of turning, finishing and adding a unique look using metal inlay or metal spinning as a contrast to turned projects.

Ted instructs other woodturners through his five woodturning DVD’s and through his demos and symposiums for woodturners.

“I learned woodturning techniques from great woodturning videos. DVD’s are a low-cost way to learn woodturning. With this mind, my wife Deb and I shoot, write and produce highly detailed educational woodturning and woodworking DVD’s that focus on seeing the details. My teaching specialty is how to see better while turning at the lathe in order to improve your forms and finishes.

I have come to the conclusion that most woodturners learn the basics of wood turning quickly–within about a year. So rather than focusing attention on time-consuming subjects (e.g. sharpening chisels or how to cut etc.) that have been thoroughly covered by other great DVD’s and books, I have focused my instruction on the finer elements of design and the tool control necessary to achieve the subtleties of good design. Through my observations as an artist, I help you to better see what makes up good form and elegant lines so that you can apply that to your own woodturning and grow from there.”