Making Candlesticks – Seeing the Curves DVD


Make matching sets of unique candlesticks using your own designs. This DVD features Ted’s step-by-step teaching approach. Starting with good fundamental design, it is clearly illustrated and concisely edited with extreme close-up shots of tool control in both woodturning and metalspinning. Learn to “see” the curves and to precisely turn them with detailed techniques. Discover unique solutions to common woodturning problems with the handy tips that Ted shares in every chapter. Learn the basics of metalspinning, and make your own metalspinning tools to spin the cup and base. Open up a whole new world of creativity by adding metal accents to your woodturned projects. Learn more about this DVD and all the inclusive chapters here.

  • Running Time: 2 hours 16 minutes (136 mins.)
  • Format: NTSC, DVD
  • Regions: All
  • Number of Discs: 2


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Making Candlesticks – Seeing the Curves DVD

Making Candlesticks-Seeing the Curves picks up where I left off in my DVD Making Peppermills-Focus on Design. It delves deeper into form and speaks about the volume of curves and how to achieve them. The techniques necessary in how to turn better, more sensuous curves are covered in great detail. If you like to get right up close to the action, you’ll love this DVD. While it’s always entertaining to watch someone turn, it’s not always the best way to learn something new. I like “in-your-face” photography, and you’ll see plenty of it. (It just won’t be my face you’ll be seeing most of the time.) Instead, it will be close-ups on the developing form, the details of pulling out the curves, and the subtle cuts with several variations on the different types of cuts involved. Plus, I’ve illustrated key areas with graphics, illustrations and animations to drive these points home.

There are only two beads and some coves on this project, but the graceful lines and sensuous curves allow me to speak volumes about its simple beauty. And just like my Peppermill DVD, even if you never plan to turn a candlestick, what you will learn will help increase your knowledge of tool control so you can apply graceful contours to any project. You’ll understand the thought processes necessary to capture volume, which translates into adding a sense of “life” to your work. Apply these techniques, and all your turning will ultimately improve. You’ll Also learn the basics of the centuries old art of metal spinning. I’ll cover how to make your own tools, how to transform your wood lathe into a metal spinning lathe and then take you step by step through the metal spinning process. You’ll complete the hardware as shown on the cover of this DVD in your own shop with pewter discs that are available through Oster Pewter.

Included on the DVD is Ted’s Goody Box which features chapters on how to make a:

  • Trim Tool
  • T-Rest
  • Combo Tool
  • Along with a Design Tip: The “Perfect” Egg


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