International Shipping

We at Sokolowski Studios dislike paying $19.79 shipping for a $6.00 item when we know it only costs $3.75 for postage. Web-based shipping calculators / estimators are to blame. Unfortunately these shipping calculators are highly inaccurate. We would rather calculate the exact cost based on weight. So for our international customers we request that you select: Invoice (Customized Shipping) on the checkout page We will calculate the actual shipping costs by weight of package and add that to your order. You will then receive an invoice by email that will include your cart of items with shipping added and a total due. We will await your approval and payment. You should expect to receive the invoice through Square Inc., our payment processor, where you can pay your invoice using a credit card. We will then pack your order and ship through USPS and notify you with a tracking number.
Please note: Single DVD’s weigh 4 ounces and with packaging ship under 8 ounces.
We apologize for any inconvenience but feel this will be most fair.


Please be aware that some countries add duties, customs charges or taxes to the items you purchase on this site. You are responsible for any additional charges. Please check with local authorities on any additional amounts that may be added to your order.

Actual Shipping Costs

The international rates can be calculated here: home