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Hello Friends and Fellow Turners,

I know many of you have seen me use negative rake scrapers in my recent videos and quite often am asked to stock them on my site. Well, I am pleased to finally offer them here. They are high quality high speed steel chisels made by Henry Taylor in Sheffield, UK using Sheffield Steel.

All scrapers come with handles and
I personally grind the cutting edge by hand. These chisels are ready for immediate use. They are designed to be used flat on the tool rest, and are so easy to use they have virtually no learning curve. The sides are factory radiused so they glide on your toolrest. Please note: it is very important that your toolrest is smooth and nick free or these imperfections will transfer to your work through the tool. (This is true of any tool so keep the toolrest blemish free.)

These scrapers allow me to fine-tune a curve with a fluid motion from side to side, originating from my ankles and enabling me to control the curves in the most sensous ways. Bowl and spindle gouges don't allow the same body movement behind the lathe on the final pass, thus leaving a surface that looks labored over and unemotional. It took me years to realize this. I thought like most woodturners think: Scraping is taboo. Not so.

Once you realize the emotion and feeling you can put into your final form so effortlessly just by removing a few wisps of wood that seem to fall off in all the right places with extreme control, you'll wonder how you ever got by without the fingernail scraper.

These scrapers are designed primarily for use on spindle oriented work but can also be used on bowls. They are for finessing the final form after cutting the initial shape with a gouge. Many beautiful woods with character are difficult to cut with standard chisels like crotch wood or curly maple. The final finessing cut is almost impossible to achieve without getting tiny catches that need repair with 100 grit sandpaper or worse. Trying to control a gouge on wood that exhibits both curl and plain grain is quite challenging. The gouge's cut is "squirrely." Another example is when repairing spalted maple with CA glue. Trying to cut both soft and glue reinforced areas with a gouge is very frustrating. Using a negative rake scraper is the only sane way to finesse the form. It works so well I now do it on all of my pieces.

The 3/4" scraper excels on long broad flowing curves and the smaller 1/2" fingernail scraper is great for getting into tight coves and pulling the form out. I use these just before the sanding stage on all my peppermills. The 1/4" is used primarily for smaller coves such as those found on winestoppers.

After you place your order, allow approximately
1 week for shipping since I grind these myself. I am sure the short wait will be well worth your time.

With Warm Regards,

All scrapers come with handles as shown above,
photos below are enlarged to show detail of cutting edge.
Ted's Signature Grind
Negative Rake Scraper 1/4"

Blade: 1/8" thick x 1/4" wide
Blade length: 3 1/4" approx.
Tool length: 10 1/4" approx.
Perfect for detailed work like wine stoppers.

1/4" Fingernail Scraper

Ted's Signature Grind
Negative Rake Scraper 1/2"

Blade: 1/4" thick x 1/2" wide
Blade length: 6 3/8" approx.
Tool length: 16 1/2" approx.
Perfect for coves found on the sides of peppermills and candlesticks.

1/2" Fingernail Scraper

Ted's Signature Grind
Negative Rake Scraper 3/4"

Blade: 1/4" thick x 3/4" wide
Blade length: 6 5/8" approx.
Tool length: 16 3/4" approx.
Perfect for long sweeping curves found on bowls, hollowforms or peppermills.

3/4" Fingernail Scraper

Looking for a better shipping rate?
Call and place your order by phone at
570-937-9400 using your Visa, Mastercard
or Discover card.
Save $13 when you buy all three scrapers!
Keep your scrapers sharp by keeping your grinder wheel performing well!
Ted's Signature Grind
Finesse Scraper Set

Includes the 1/4", 1/2" & 3/4" Scrapers

F Finesse Scraper Set

Save $13 over buying them individually!

Diamond Dresser
This 0.25 carat Diamond Dresser makes trueing abrasive grinding wheels fast and easy while exposing a fresh surface for efficient grinding operations.

Simply guide the Diamond Dresser against the grinder's tool rest to restore the wheel back to its optimal cutting action. Overall length is 6 5/8" long with a 3 3/4" long handle. The industrial diamond measures
0.25 carat.

Diamond Dresser -DDR10


"I have had these scrapers a while now since you came out with them I absolutely love them. I use them on every piece of work I have turned and the end result is unbelievable. Congratulations on a well thought-out and wonderful product. Thank you very much."
Arthur Becker

Bowl and photo by Arthur Becker